FORTE for Surgeries

Shorter Hospital Stay - Fewer Complications

A study awarded by the European Union shows that taking FORTE before surgery shortens the length of hospital and intensive care unit stays. It also leads to fewer complications, optimizes the overall performance of the body, and reduces physical stress parameters.

Fear of surgery or a long hospital stay preoccupies many patients. Furthermore, many people fear complications after surgery or a lengthy rehabilitation. Here, taking FORTE before or after surgeries is recommended.

Fewer Complications. Shorter Hospital Stay.

Faster recovery after surgeries - with FORTE.

Before Surgery
At least one double sachet of FORTE daily for 10 days

In poor health conditions, up to three double sachets of FORTE can be taken daily.

After Surgery

After surgery, gentle recovery with sufficient rest and following medical instructions is essential.

We recommend taking one double sachet of FORTE daily for 10 days.

Up to three double sachets of FORTE can be taken daily.


FORTE before surgeries.

A study with promising results.

The study was conducted in 2007 at the Medical University of Graz. The following departments were involved:

  • Department of Thoracic Hyperbaric Surgery
  • Department of Anesthesiology
  • Institute of Physiological Chemistry
  • Institute of Biomedical Research
  • Institute of Clinical Pharmacology

This study was published in the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery and awarded the Seal of Excellence by the European Union in 2017.

Study on lung surgeries

In the blinded and randomized study, FORTE was administered preoperatively for 10 days. As a result, the hospital stay duration was more than halved compared to the placebo group. The stay in the intensive care unit was reduced from two to four days in the placebo group to just one day in the study group.

After successful surgery, fewer complications occurred in the study group. Wound healing was improved. Also, physical stress parameters were significantly reduced.

Another positive effect was the increased performance of the study group preoperatively. As a result, the study group was optimally prepared for rehabilitation. Thanks to FORTE, individuals recovered more quickly after surgery.


The Seal of Excellence refers to an award given to projects or initiatives that demonstrate high quality or performance but do not receive financial funding. Particularly in the context of the European Union's research and innovation programs, the Seal of Excellence is awarded to applications that demonstrate high quality but are not eligible for funding due to limited financial resources. This seal is intended to promote recognition for the quality of the submitted projects, even if they do not receive direct financial support.

Among other factors, the economic benefit due to the significantly shorter hospital stays and the associated savings potential was decisive for the award.


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