Exhaustion, tiredness, or chronic fatigue syndrome?

helps with burnout and fatigue

Do you often feel tired or drained?
Is it becoming increasingly difficult for you to accomplish daily tasks?
Do you suffer from concentration difficulties or find yourself getting sick frequently?

When daily tasks and errands become increasingly challenging, and one constantly feels tired and exhausted, there is a risk of burnout. This can lead to exhaustion, “burnout” or “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)”.

Learn more about why FORTE with the active ingredient combination A5H should be used for these complaints. Due to its unique effect, FORTE can help you gain energy and quality of life in cases of exhaustion, burnout, or chronic fatigue.

With the active ingredient combination A5H.

FORTE transforms stress into energy.

FORTE contains alpha-ketoglutarate and 5-hydroxymethylfurfural. These active ingredients help to convert cellular stress into energy. Furthermore, the oxygen supply is optimized, and deficiencies in energy production are compensated. Thus, cells can recover, breathe, restart and you are supplied again with the energy you need.
Therapy recommendations for Chronic Fatigue, Burnout, or Exhaustion

Taking FORTE for Chronic Fatigue, Burnout, or Exhaustion can follow the dosage schedule for Long-COVID.

Tag 1-6

2-mal täglich

AKG 2,4g + 5HMF 240mg*

Tag 6-12

1-mal täglich

AKG 2,4g + 5HMF 240mg*

Tag 12-18

2-mal täglich

AKG 2,4g + 5HMF 15mg**

Tag 18-24

1-mal täglich

AKG 2,4g + 5HMF 15mg**

FORTE can improve the general health condition, and in combination with a targeted therapy according to the therapy concept, this positive effect can be further enhanced.
SANOPAL FORTE hilft bei Burnout

The body's stress reaction.

Why does exhaustion or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome occur?

Burnout is a state of extreme physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion, often as a reaction to prolonged stress and excessive professional workload. People affected by burnout often feel tired, alienated from their work, and they think they can no longer cope with their professional duties. This state can also lead to a decline in performance, reduced concentration, and increased negative feelings towards work.

Typical signs of burnout are emotional exhaustion, cynicism, or a negative attitude towards work, and the feeling of no longer being personally effective. Burnout can have various causes, including excessive work pressure, lack of support in the workplace, and ongoing professional challenges. It is important to take burnout seriously and seek professional help if necessary.

Burnout or Chronic Fatigue?

Burnout and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) are two different conditions, although they share some common symptoms. Here are the main differences:

Causes and Context
Relationship to Work

Typically, burnout is a response to ongoing professional stress, excessive workload, and work-related factors. It often affects people in work environments.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
CFS is a complex disease characterized by extreme and persistent fatigue and exhaustion that is not improved by rest or sleep. The exact cause of CFS is not fully understood, but it is believed that multiple factors may contribute, including viral infections, genetic predisposition, and others.

In addition to exhaustion, symptoms of burnout often include cynicism towards work, feeling unable to cope with tasks, and emotional exhaustion.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
In addition to extreme fatigue, symptoms of CFS can include muscle pain, joint pain, sleep disturbances, headaches, and concentration difficulties.

Directly related to workload and stress, particularly in a professional context.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Not exclusively related to professional stress; can also be triggered by other factors, including health issues.

Both conditions require professional attention and individual approaches for management and treatment. People experiencing signs of Burnout or CFS should seek medical advice.

Chronic stress

Through our diet, we consume nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. These are digested and broken down into their smallest components. Through these components, cells can gain energy in the citric acid cycle.

If this energy production does not work, it becomes a problem. Due to high stress, overstrain, diseases, or undersupply of oxygen and nutrients, defects in this citric acid cycle can occur. The cell produces only 2 energy units (ATP) instead of 36 energy units (ATP). Thus, a cycle is created in which more and more oxidative stress arises. Furthermore, the cell with its DNA is destroyed, and our body produces less and less energy.

CFS can also be caused by a viral infection (Long Covid), by inflammation, or by existing underlying diseases. In any case, there is a severe disturbance of the energy metabolism (citric acid cycle).


Capturing stress molecules and increasing oxygen in the blood.

FORTE has a remarkable way of helping the body in these times of increased stress. It actively captures stress molecules and efficiently converts them into succinate, a key component in the citric acid cycle, the central energy production process in our cells.

In addition, the active ingredient combination A5H, consisting of alpha-ketoglutarate and 5HMF, improves the binding capacity of hemoglobin to oxygen. This leads to an increase in the oxygen content in the blood, which is essential for optimal cell function.

Additionally, alpha-ketoglutarate potentiates the entire energy production process by acting as a catalyst in the citric acid cycle, thus increasing the efficiency of energy production. Combined, these mechanisms offer powerful support to keep the body in top form.

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* FORTE enthält 2,4g AKG + 240mg 5-HMF

** BASIC enthält 2,4g AKG + 15mg 5-HMF


Application Report for the Treatment of Oxidative Stress.

By Medical Journalist Dagmar Schmidt-Neuhaus.


Dagmar Schmidt-Neuhaus

Freelance Journalist, Specializing in Mitochondrial Medicine

After suffering from chronic fatigue for months and being physically unable to cope, and not receiving a proper diagnosis from specialists for these very limiting symptoms at the time, I, as a medical journalist, intensively researched the topic of fatigue. Through my Munich general practitioner and burnout expert, I had a blood diagnostic test done at the BIOVIS laboratory on June 14, 2022, for the BHI, the Bioenergetic Health Index. The result for me was really very bad: I had high oxidative stress, very poor energy formation in the body (meaning low ATP production), a high proton leak in my mitochondrial metabolism, among other things, i.e., a severe disturbance of the energy metabolism (citric acid cycle) as a result of viral infections and a Lyme Borreliosis from a wasp sting, a bacterial infection that also leads to low-threshold brain inflammation, not recognized by doctors.

I became aware of FORTE by the company CYL from Austria and informed myself about the ingredients 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural/5HMF and Alpha-Ketoglutarate. I bought several packages and started an active cell treatment for extraordinary stress with BASIC and FORTE for more than 3 weeks and noticed a clear increase in physical energy and improved circulation; I finally had warm feet again :-) BASIC+FORTE optimizes oxygen supply, improves cellular energy production, and noticeably increases energy production in the cells (ATP). To my knowledge, vital nutrients can be well absorbed by the cells only when oxidative stress is reduced, so the treatment was for me the first proper step in fighting my exhaustion.


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